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In our In-house Top 5 section in the Labor Law Magazine, we are presenting all the important and practice-oriented topics that are high on the agenda of leading labor lawyers in Germany and abroad. Since 2015, the core statement of this magazine has been: “From lawyers for companies.” In implementing this journalistic claim, it is helpful for all parties involved if external consultants actually know which questions move the client in-house. With the In-house Top 5, we would like to contribute further to improving transparency in the German legal market in the future, on both the demand and supply side, with companies, law firms, auditing firms and service providers. In-house Top 5 supplements the practice-oriented reporting introduced in the Labor Law Magazine. And because time is a factor (and of course, time is money), we have tried to make our reporting as succinct as possible.

In this issue, our advisory board member Matthias Füssel points out his Top 5 topics in Labor Law:

Labor Law Magazine – Inhouse Top 5
You expect swift and understandable advice, specific guidance, and proposals for efficient solutions if you instruct an external labor lawyer? Be this kind of lawyer for your internal clients and provide even more value by taking into account the specifics of your organization and the relevant key stakeholders.

In addition to being service-minded and supportive, it is sometimes important to stand up, play the devil’s advocate and provide an opinion which may not be very popular at the time but will pan out later. Your organisation will appreciate it if you advise not only with a short- but also with a sustainable mid- and long-term perspective.

The latest rules and regulations in the Covid 19-context have been complex, sometimes ambiguous, and often difficult to implement in practice. It is, therefore, crucial as labor lawyer to stay on top of the latest developments and at the same time provide pragmatic solutions, always taking into account your leads, employees and works councils who need to cope with the often-changing rules within very short time periods.

Keep in touch with your works council and union representatives and give them a regular heads-up early on and share the relevant information about any upcoming developments in your organization, especially if you do not meet them in person as much as before the pandemic.

Connect with other labor lawyers and exchange ideas, solutions and approaches. Your management and colleagues are often interested in how other companies have dealt with a difficult situation and in hearing about the market practice – it is great to have a network with other experts, who regularly discuss required actions and possible solutions.

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