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LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2023

The new electronic certificate of incapacity for work – The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act in practice – Immigration program management is a must – Subsequent granting of remuneration in the event of invalid termination – not automatic

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2022

BAG in the fast lane – Time recording now mandatory – Visa wait times – In-house legal’s expanding role in cybersecurity

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2022

Exceeding in parts, falling short in others – Adjusting HR practices without delay – It’s all about the “General Approval” – In a nutshell: Everything leading labor lawyers need to have in mind

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2022

Keep an eye on the developments – Take action now – One of a kind – Reducing the pain points

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2022

Numerous new laws to be expected as a result of the coalition agreement – Well-intentioned gesture or risk for the economy? – AI and workers’ rights – a high risk area, really? – Unique challenges

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2021

Be a Game Changer – Social factors: Time to focus on the „S“ in ESG – Home Office Forever? –Work from anywhere…

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2021

In a nutshell: Everything leading labor lawyers need to have in mind – Mobility hurdles vs. ‘mobile ready’ – Generating Momentum for Innovation – Introducing mobile work

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2021

Significant structural changes – Where do we stand? – Coronavirus labor law in Germany – Foreign nationals working in Germany: Employer obligations

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2021

Draft Law on Supply Chain Monitoring – Crowdworking – “Collecting bottles on the Internet” – The clock is ticking – The Skilled Workers Immigration Act: An overview of changes recently introduced in German law

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2020

Advantages for employer and employees – Up in the air – or back to the roots – Corona-vaccination for employees – Uncertain times ahead

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2020

Restructuring during Insolvency – Home Office and Mobile Working in Germany – The Coronavirus Liability Trap – Revised Posting of Workers Directive

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2020

20 points to reflect on – Walking over a strong bridge to cross the deep economic valley – COVID-19 and its consequences – Chasing the unicorn…

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2020

Labor Law – Employment Law– Labor Law/Corporate Practice Labor Law – Skilled Immigration Act – Company Pension Act / Act on Equal Treatment

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2019

Business law – Social Code Book III – German Federal Leave Act –Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions – EU law and mobility– EU law and social security law

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2019

In-house Top 5 – Labor law and EU law– Labor law and remuneration– Labor law and the Works Constitution Act – Labor law and compliance – EU law and social security law

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2019

Labor law and Brexit-related German legislation – International labor law– Immigration lawLabor law and EU-law– Labor law and social media – Labor law and maternity protection

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2018

General Act on Equal Treatment – Labor law – Labor law & compliance – Labor law & criminal law – Immigration law – Social security law

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2018

GDPR – EU law/trade secrets– Employment law/contract law– Right of termination Works Council Act – Part-time and Temporary Work Act – Cross-border mobility/social dumping

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2018

Data protection – Labor law– Labor law & company organizationLabor law & mobile working – Labor law & restructuring – Immigration law & tax law

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2018

Labor law & compliance – Compliance – Act to Promote Transparency of Pay Labor law – Court practice – European law/Vacation leave law – Legal Tech

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2017

EU law/labor law – Labor law & maternity protection – Labor law – International labor law – Labor law & compliance

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2017

EU law and labor law – Labor law and M&A – Tariff unity law – Labor law – Labor law and data protection – Occupational Health & Safety Act and Labor Law – Immigration law and corporate law

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2017

Data privacy law – Labor law and mediation– Commercial law and labor law– Pensions Act – Protection Against Unfair Dismissal Act – Immigration law – Labor law

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2017

Data protection – Labor law – Labor and employment law – Part Time and Temporary Working Act – Labor law and working time – Labor Lease Act – Labor and social law

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2016

European law – Labor law and practice – Labor law and legislation Labor law and contract law – Labor law and outsourcing

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2016

EU law – Compliance – Unfair dismissal – Labor law – Labor law and restructuring – Labor law and litigation – Works Council Constitution Act – Labor law and strategy

LaborLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2016

Best practice – Minimum Wage Act – Compliance – HR practice – Data-protection law and compliance – Restructuring law – Pension law – Working Hours Act