Mobility hurdles vs. ‘mobile ready’ 17.09.2021 - Balancing Duty of Care and ­Workforce Remobilization during COVID-19 read more
Generating Momentum for Innovation 17.09.2021 - Transforming a Push for Legal Innovation into a Sustainable Pull Towards Change read more

Current Issue: 03/2021

The online Labor Law Magazine is free to subscribers. Every quarter, it provides readers with compact, up-to-date information about all important issues related to German and Anglo-American labor law.

Next Issue: December 2021

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Introducing mobile work 17.09.2021 - When does the works council need to be involved? read more
Matrix structures 17.09.2021 - A look at court decisions and corporate practice read more
Significant structural changes 14.06.2021 - European Works Councils: Impact of Brexit and actions required read more
Where do we stand? 14.06.2021 - Whistleblower protection in Europe and Germany read more
Coronavirus labor law in Germany 14.06.2021 - Which labor law regulations will remain and when will the obligation to work from home (home office regulation) be lifted? read more


The event “InhouseMatters” brings together the entire network of the Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel product family in a top-class professional digital conference followed by a virtual get-together providing an occasion for professional exchange.

December 4, 2020 I Digital conference
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LegalChampions is a new platform providing virtual sessions on all issues regarding management and strategies of the legal market.

October 15, 2020 I Webinar
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