The new regulations expressly provide that employers will be able to continue to reach agreements with their employees in the future, according to which the employer waives the determination of the beginning, end and control of contractually agreed working time.New rules proposed to record working time 15.05.2023 - Working Time Act – more questions than answers so far read more
It is certain that the powers of the Bundeskartellamt will continue to be strengthened in the future; the new instruments of intervention make this abundantly clear.The 11th GWB Amendment 15.05.2023 - A new antitrust law with claws and teeth? read more
It is not easy to reclaim contributions from the employee and it is usually only possible to reclaim part of the contributions as long as the contractual relationship still exists. In the worst case, non-payment of social security contributions may even be punishable in criminal law.Social security obligations 15.05.2023 - Case law and status determination procedure read more

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Now, employers must retrieve the relevant incapacity for work data electronically directly from the competent health insurance company. This data can also be retrieved by third parties (such as external payroll providers or tax consultants) on behalf of the employer as long as the data transmission method is secure and encrypted.The new electronic certificate of incapacity for work 20.03.2023 - Revolutionary or obstacle in practice? read more