It could be expected that, as a result of the BAG's decision, it will be easier for an employee to demand compensation from the employer for overtime worked in the case of a missing time recording system.Time recording now mandatory 08.12.2022 - Employers must control working time read more
Although US consulates and embassies do prioritize appointment availability for nationals and residents of the host country, individuals can apply as a third-country national in a location that offers more favorable wait times.Visa wait times 08.12.2022 - The major hurdles for travelers to the United States read more
In-house counsel share their organisation’s most sensitive data with outside law firms. Yet 70% of legal departments have no tool for assessing their law firms’ data security, and nearly 30% are dissatisfied with current methods.In-house legal’s expanding role in cybersecurity 08.12.2022 - Key findings: The ACC Foundation’s biannual State of Cybersecurity Report read more

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The new draft Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz (HinSchG) is noticeably company-friendly. This applies in particular to the introduction of the possibility of setting up an internal reporting office as a "third party" at another group company, which would then be responsible for several independent companies in the group.Exceeding in parts, falling short in others 05.09.2022 - Whistleblower Protection Act: What can employers expect? read more