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GoingDigital issue 01/2023

How AI chatbots like ChatGPT may change the life of legal professionals | Companies need pro-active “eDiscovery information governance” | Recruiting: The market waits for no one | Clean slate: The Digitalization Guide

GoingDigital issue 04/2022

The metaverse | Web 3.0 | How the legal department can be the driving force in building a cybersecurity risk management strategy | In-house legal’s expanding role in cybersecurity

GoingDigital issue 03/2022

Spotlight on: data leakages | Elevating legal digitization to a new level with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | Forces and trends shaping the legal industry | Is working agile “legal” – in Legal?

GoingDigital issue 02/2022

#Metaverse: It’s getting personal | Reskilling in the world of law or the future of legal (automation) education | Reducing the pain points | Escape the “dry spell

GoingDigital issue 01/2022

In a nutshell: Legal automation trends 2022 | Privacy professionals are on the rise | The key to legally compliant data analysis | VUCA is replacing the paradigm of globalization

GoingDigital issue 04/2021

In a nutshell: Going Digital is a team sport! | Finding what you need fast | Leveraging technology to protect and serve businesses | Holy grail or waste of time?

GoingDigital issue 03/2021

Best Practices in Implementing New Technology | A strategic questionnaire for digital enthusiasts | The Road Ahead | Kanban for Legal Experts

GoingDigital issue 02/2021

Legal innovation – the key is talent | Centralization and proximity to the
business are key | It is all about embracing innovation | The dangers of forgotten data

GoingDigital issue 01/2021

In a nutshell: Everything that leaders in digitalization need to have in mind right now | Digitalization is transforming Legal – now much faster as a result of COVID-19 | Designing a legal digitalization strategy | Rethinking risk management in the legal market

GoingDigital issue 02/2020

A European Ecosystem of Excellence and Trust in AI | The legal industry is on the verge of disruption | It is all about T.E.C.H. | From tech tool to process to legal product

GoingDigital issue 01/2020

Digitalization of German Corporate Law | Suddenly in the Fast Lane | Low Code and No Code: The Next Level of Digitalization? | The Future is already here