Blockchain services that support smart contracts can support transactions between parties. This is necessary if property is to be transferred from one person to another.Web 3.0 01.12.2022 - Navigating a new era of physical ownership vs. digital ownership read more
While digitizing legal data is necessary for a wide range of reasons, new challenges emerge given the new locations where this information is being stored. Legal departments face a higher risk than ever to be targeted by the growing variety of cybercriminal motivations present in an evolving cybercrime industry.How the legal department can be the driving force in building a cybersecurity risk management strategy 01.12.2022 - Cyberattacks are globally perceived as the number one business risk read more
Chief Legal Officers (CLO) are not only looked to on a reactionary basis (once a data breach occurs, for example), but they often play an integral role in developing the underlying risk-mitigation strategy for the organisation.In-house legal’s expanding role in cybersecurity 01.12.2022 - Key findings: The ACC Foundation’s biannual State of Cybersecurity Report read more

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Active Learning is one of the assisted review features used to train and create machine learning models to help speed up the human review process. The overall goal is to streamline the review process and increase efficiency as much as possible to find relevant information fastly while also reducing human effort.No longer a needle in the haystack 01.12.2022 - Leveraging machine learning to speed up fact finding in litigations read more