Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a good example of reskilling and millions of people already are making the best use of this disruptive technology. It is time for the legal profession to take this up. Ideally, reskilling will already start at law school or university level.Reskilling in the world of law or the future of legal (automation) education 21.07.2022 - Why reskilling and the development of automation skills are a must read more
Those who do not have written policies and a single compliance calendar are more likely to select antiquated and inconsistent processes and lack of technology as pain points compared to participants that do have written policies and a single compliance calendar.Reducing the pain points 21.07.2022 - Strong legal entity management practices lead to better business read more
Any BI software system has the potential to shape your practices and enable your people to form new habits. Hence you must take reasonable care when selecting the backbone of your business operations.Escape the “dry spell” 21.07.2022 - How to use business intelligence to grow your legal service business read more

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