The legal industry is on the verge of disruption 09.12.2020 - Legal technologies and platform business models are driving a fundamental change read more
It is all about T.E.C.H. 09.12.2020 - Setting up a legal operations function read more
From tech tool to process to legal product 09.12.2020 - The importance of Continuous Improvement for legal services read more
A deep dive: Rapid Contract Analytics 09.12.2020 - Applying AI based tech solutions to rapidly create insights for informed decision making read more

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Robots manage; leaders lead 09.12.2020 - Can Law Firm RPA help you be more strategic? read more
Big challenge ahead: Agile Project Management for the Legal Profession 09.12.2020 - Scrum vs. Kanban - Suitability and opportunities of agile methods for legal work Part 1 – Scrum for legal experts read more
Digitization of German Corporate Law 10.09.2020 - The Growing Importance of AI read more
Suddenly in the Fast Lane 10.09.2020 - How Covid-19 has Accelerated the Digital Transformation of Legal Departments in Germany read more


The event “InhouseMatters” brings together the entire network of the Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel product family in a top-class professional digital conference followed by a virtual get-together providing an occasion for professional exchange.

December 4, 2020 I Digital conference
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LegalChampions is a new platform providing virtual sessions on all issues regarding management and strategies of the legal market.

October 15, 2020 I Webinar
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