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BusinessLawMagazine is an English-language online magazine primarily aimed at company and tax lawyers, managing directors, association representatives, attorneys, and judges in Germany’s leading trade partners. In articles written with real-world legal practice in mind, the magazine reports on developments in German and European legislation and jurisdiction as well as exploring important issues related to trade, commercial, M&A, corporate finance, labor and tax law as well as intellectual property and compliance. Widely known external authors from law firms, institutions and companies as well as practicing researchers write about the full spectrum of German business law. In doing so, they always take cross-sector issues into account.

The BusinessLawMagazine is a joint publication of F.A.Z. BUSINESS MEDIA GmbH – Ein Unternehmen der F.A.Z.-Gruppe, a member of the F.A.Z. Publishing Group, and German Law Publishers GmbH. It is a member of the Deutscher Anwalt-Spiegel product family. The aim and mission are to inform our readers about current legal issues that play an important role in their daily legal activities. To achieve these goals, we work closely with a number of strategic partners – all highly regarded national and interna-tional institutions and auditing firms. They, too, will share their comprehensive legal knowledge with you. Additional support is provided by our expert panel comprising highly regarded corporate lawyers and our cooperation partners – leading German chambers of commerce abroad that distribute BusinessLaw­Magazine in their networks.


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