From practice for practice: PUMA SE

By Peter N. Baehr, LL.M. (AUS)

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In the Business Law Magazine’s new In-house ­ Top 5­ section, we will be presenting all the important and practice-oriented topics that are high on the agendas of leading corporate lawyers in Germany. Since 2014, the core statement of this magazine has been: “From lawyers for companies.” Guided by this profession of journalistic intent, we realize it is helpful for all parties involved if external consultants truly know what kinds of questions move the client in-house. With the In-house Top 5, we would like to contribute further to improving transparency in the German legal market on both the demand and supply side, together with companies, law firms, auditing firms and service providers. Our In-house Top 5 supplements the practice-oriented reporting introduced in the Business Law Magazine five years ago. And because time is a factor – and of course, time is money – we have tried to make our reporting as succinct as possible. The In-house Top 5 column was launched by our advisory board members Martina Seidl (general counsel at Fujitsu) and Christiane Dahlbender (assistant general counsel for compliance, EMEA & Global Sales at Mars Incorporated):
In this issue, Peter N. Baehr, LL.M. (AUS), general counsel for Europe and EMEA, PUMA SE, shares his insights with us.

  • We need to be close to the business. It is only with a solid understanding of the global value chain, the structure of the group and the roles of different departments that we will be able to provide the necessary support.
  • Our attorneys should act as strategic advisers to management.
  • We need to be flexible and able to adjust the structure and organization to reflect changes in the business environment.
  • We are using digital tools to improve our work, and we understand digitalization as a perpetually on­going process.
  • Being prepared for change is only possible if we cultivate our network’s awareness of new trends and new approaches in our industry.

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