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BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2023

EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation – a game changer for international M&A transactions? – The modern CLO’s role: an ongoing expansion – Myths and reality – ChatGPT and corporate investigations for attorneys

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2022

Emergency legal measure in the energy sector – Advancing DEI in Europe – CISOs beware: The government is watching – Best practice for successful business development


BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2022

In-house legal’s expanding role in cybersecurity – Legal as a change agent – Stapled in surance on the rise – The new draft of the R&D BER


BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2022

In a Nutshell: Time to act – Breaking through the smoke and mirrors – Reducing the pain points – Becoming more goal-oriented


BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2022

In a Nutshell: The Revival of Competition Investigations in Europe – Back to Normal? – Wearing many Hats – Prepare for the Worst, don’t Just Hope for the Best – Towards the AI-powered Attorney


BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2021

In a nutshell: Top Litigation/Arbitration Issues That We Expect to See More of in 2022 – Enforcement Funding and Management of cross-border Claims – So what have we learned? A look at German court rulings on the Trade Secret Act – Be a Game Changer


BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2021

In a nutshell: Everything leading labor lawyers need to have in mind – Cartel fines against car manufacturers for the restriction of innovation competition – Rising pressure – Generating Momentum for Innovation


BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2021

In a nutshell: Everything leading lawyers need to bear in mind – Global Antitrust and Competition Outlook 2021 – A solid basis for the future economic success of EU companies – Austria: New trends in international jurisdiction for pure economic loss


BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2021

Rethinking risk management in the legal market – Despite challenges, ESG remains a focus for GC’s – Integrating Risks and Opportunities – The Schrems II case and its impact

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2020

The end of investment protection within the European Union? – Germany’s lonesome actions against internet giants –Cyber attacks have increased – Wind of Change

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2020

European Court of Justice declares EU-US Privacy Shield invalid – Force majeure clauses on the rise – A long-expected landmark judgment for German FRAND law – Corporate Lawyers are Holding Up Against COVID Challenges

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2020

20 points to reflect on – As a team through the COVID-19 crisis to the “new normal” of work – Hopes pinned on second half of year – Pre-insolvency M&A

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2020

Legal market – Mergers & Acquisitions/Insurance – Dispute resolution – Health care sector

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2019

Competition law and M&A – GDPR and M&A – Compliance and financial services – Trademark law – EU law and labor law – Book review

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2019

In-house Top 5 – Legal market – Legal market and digitalization – EU law and competition law – Antitrust law – International procedural law

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2019

In-house Top 5 – EU Law and UK limited liability companies – GDPR – HR and cartel law – Financial markets – Corporate finance and the digital economy – US civil procedure and German civil procedure

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2018

Investment law – Compliance/legal project management – Stock corporation law – German Limited Liability Companies Act – Dispute resolution

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2018

Lawyers Top 5 – Legal market – Digital law and business – German Trade Secret ActConstitutional law and compliance – Right of termination – ACC Europe column

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2018

Inhouse Top 5 – International law – International business – EU law – Antitrust/Corporate law

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2018

Data protection – International investment law – International business – Dispute resolution – International proceedings – Legal market

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2017

Capital market law– Cartel law/competition law– AmCham, Germany’s Corporate and Business Law Committee, reports– EU law/intellectual property– Patent law/licensing law

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2017

Product liability and the German Road Traffic Act– Competition law and cartel law– Labor law and data protection– Foreign markets: opportunities and challenges– EU trademark law– AmCham Germany’s Corporate and Business Law Committee reports– Data protection law– Arbitration and corporate law

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2017

Mergers and acquisitions – M&A in China – Capital market – IP law and EU law – European law – Compliance and German Bar Associations

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2017

M&A – Know-how protection – Commercial law – Corporate and labor law – EU law and finance – EU law and energy law – Patent law

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2016

EU and data protection law – EU law – Corporate finance – International law and investment

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2016

EU law – IP law – Corporate law – IPO – Technology and law – Mergers and acquisitions

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2016

Data protection and compliance – Compliance and the public sector – Digitization and compliance – EU law and banking regulation – European law

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2016

Tax law – Management equity programs – BEPS – Bitcoins – VAT – European law – Digital single market – Compliance – UK Bribery Act – Gender diversity – Legal market

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 04/2015

Poland – Digital Business – Data Compliance – HR Compliance – Self-driving car – IP Law Safe Harbor – Data protection – Competition Law – European Law – Procurement Law

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2015

Focus: Brazil – Shareholder activism – M&A transactions – Standard-essential patents – Insolvency law – India: Foreign investments – Hot spot: Arbitration in Asia

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2015

Focus India – M&A transactions – Warranty insurance – FATC A – Trade secrets – Supervisory board – Compliance – Corporate governance – IP securities

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2015

Antitrust – Litigation – EU Law – M&A transactions – Purchase price clauses – Compliance – Management board liability – Diversity – Female quota – Corporate pensions

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 03/2014

Smart Industry – Internet of Everything – M&A transactions – D&O liability – Financial markets – Investment protection – TTIP – Insolvency plan – IP – Compliance – Project management

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 02/2014

Industry 4.0 – Cross-border restructuring – Common European Sales Law – Setting up a compliance management system – New challenges in cloud computing – Mezzanine financing

BusinessLawMagazine Ausgabe 01/2014

International joint ventures – The revival of delisting – Patent law – Cartel investigations
Data protection in the European Union – Localization in a globalized economy