Global Antitrust and Competition Outlook 2021 08.06.2021 - The top 5 enforcement trends and their impact on cross-border transactions read more
A solid basis for the future economic success of EU companies 08.06.2021 - The EU China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment – Political disaster or economic success? read more
Austria: New trends in international jurisdiction for pure economic loss 08.06.2021 - Focus on international jurisdiction in cross-border damage claims read more

Current Issue: 02/2021

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Asset search and recovery investigations in the digital era 08.06.2021 - Digital technology has led to a more effective and more challenging practice read more
Legal Tech for Legal Departments 08.06.2021 - eLearning with McDermott and BRYTER read more
Going global, going unyer 08.06.2021 - Luther and Fidal establish a high-class network of law firms - The ambitious goal: 20 countries by 2030 read more
Sustainable M&A 08.06.2021 - How ESG Criteria (May) Change The (M&A) World read more
Rethinking risk management in the legal market 04.03.2021 - If we were not prepared for corona, what could 2021 have in store for us? read more
Despite challenges, ESG remains a focus for GCs 04.03.2021 - Crises like COVID-19 still occupy the headlines, but GCs are concentrating on sustainability read more


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