Contract lifecycle management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools have the capability to expedite the entire contract process, from document generation and redlining to e-signature and finalization. This acceleration can pilot faster decision-making on how to push contracts through review cycles, renewals, and negotiation.Legal as a change agent 16.09.2022 - Transforming materiality across the enterprise read more
W&I insurance has become an integral part of transaction practice. Its importance for the involved parties is likely to increase even further in times of economic and geopolitical uncertainty, as it is a highly efficient instrument that can significantly increase the speed and safety of an M&A transaction.Stapled in­sur­ance on the rise 16.09.2022 - W&I insurance in M&A transactions read more
The new R&D BER is scheduled to apply from January 1, 2023. But companies can and should already now prepare: Agreements in force on December 31, 2022 will be exempt until December 31, 2024 if they meet the requirements of the "old" R&D BER 2010.The new draft of the R&D BER 16.09.2022 - What will change and what will stay the same read more

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We’re in a highly polarized era with the political world more fraught then ever and the echo chambers of social media amplifying disinformation and dangerous voices. These details have exacerbated the threat landscape and empowered groups and individuals to pursue extremist agendas.Security threat monitoring 16.09.2022 - Evolving with a changing security threat landscape: A case study on new trends in the US read more