Despite challenges, ESG remains a focus for GCs 04.03.2021 - Crises like COVID-19 still occupy the headlines, but GCs are concentrating on sustainability weiterlesen
Integrating Risks and Opportunities 04.03.2021 - Why Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Due Diligence Is Becoming A Must For Your Clients weiterlesen
The Schrems II case and its impact 04.03.2021 - Data transfer to third countries outside the European Union weiterlesen

Current Issue: 01/2021

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German (Fin)Tech Companies Behind Bars? 04.03.2021 - Intensified regulation of (foreign) investments in the digital economy weiterlesen
New Media State Treaty in Germany 04.03.2021 - A legislative reaction to substantial changes in the media landscape weiterlesen
The end of investment protection within the European Union? 19.11.2020 - The Termination Agreement of 5 May 2020: what it entails for investors and how (existing) intra-EU investments can be protected in the future weiterlesen


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December 4, 2020 I Digital conference
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LegalChampions is a new platform providing virtual sessions on all issues regarding management and strategies of the legal market.

October 15, 2020 I Webinar
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